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In May1770, Lieutenant James Cook anchored the Endeavour off this part of the coast near Round Hill Head.,

Cook went ashore near Round Hill Head with botanist Joseph Banks and his assistant Daniel Solander. It was only the second time during the voyage that he had set foot on Australian soil and his first venture on dry land at what is now called Queensland.

Every May since 1991, a re-enactment of Cook’s landing has been staged as part of the annual 1770 Festival.

You can step in the footsteps of the legendary Captain James Cook at Agnes Water / Town of 1770.

Love the beach? There are plenty to choose from in Agnes Water / 1770.

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Top Queensland tourism spot in 2021!

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Yes! You can pay in Crypto currencies throughout Agnes Water/1770, named Australia’s First Cryptocurrency Friendly Tourist Town in 2018.

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Book a unique bush and beach holiday at Yellow Cottage, Agnes Water / Town of 1770. 4 bedrooms, 4 private acres,with kangaroos and kookaburra who call it home.
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